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In the last days, instruction will go forth from Zion...

Seminar I:

Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus of Nazareth Seminar
The latest discoveries from Israel to help you understand Jesus and his teachings more accurately!

BookletFree handout booklet materials available for each lecture!

Now you can listen to the entire seminar online, complete with notes. These are the same teachings that students pay thousands of dollars to travel to Israel to learn!

#1: Prayer Shawls and Money Belts:  Jewish Life as Jesus Experienced It

LECTURE #1a: (Video)

LECTURE #1b: (Audio)

Why did Jesus and the disciples wear beards?  What were their actual Hebrew names?  Why did they use so much oil in anointing?  Why did the woman with the issue of blood want to touch the corner of Jesus’ garment?  How did they observe the Sabbath?  How did they pray?
Israelite With clothing demonstration!
Jesus collage
Menorah collage
#2: Scroll and Synagogue:  Jewish Religion in the Time of Jesus

LECTURE #2a: (Audio)

LECTURE #2b: (Audio)

The Temple in Jerusalem, according to the latest archeological research!  The Dead Sea Scrolls:  What are they and why are they important?  New information on Pharisees, Sadducees, and Zealots.  What were the Jewish expectations of the Messiah in the time of Jesus?
Location With a tour of the Temple in Jerusalem!
#3: Feeding Trough and Workman’s Chisel:  Jesus’ Early Life and Trade

LECTURE #3a: (Audio)

LECTURE #3b: (Audio)
Lecture 3a: Five Regions (Video)
Lecture 3b: A Tour of Israel (Video)
Lecture 3c: Bethlehem (Video)
Lecture 3d: Nazareth (Video)
Lecture 3e: Cana (Video)

Archeological discoveries at Bethlehem and Nazareth.  Why were shepherds out in the fields at night?  Who were the Magi (Wise Men)?  How did Joseph and Jesus find enough work in tiny Nazareth to make a living?  What did Jesus say that made his fellow townsmen so mad they were ready to throw him off a cliff?
Location With a tour of Israel in the time of Jesus!
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Sea of Galilee collage
#4: Colonnade and Fisherman’s Hovel:  Galilee in the Ministry of Jesus

LECTURE #4a: (Audio)

LECTURE #4b: (Audio)

Archeological discoveries at Capernaum and the Sea of Galilee.  What did the homes of Peter, James, and Andrew look like?  Why did the fishermen fish at night?  What did they fish?  How did Jesus' message compare with other teachings being spread in Galilee?
Location With a tour of the Sea of Galilee in the time of Jesus!
#5: Palm Branch and Olive Tree:  Jesus’ Passion and Triumph

LECTURE #5a: (Audio)

LECTURE #5b: (Audio)

Mt. of Olives, Via Dolorosa, Golgotha, and the Empty Tomb.  Why did the crowd wave palm branches on Palm Sunday?  Why were they singing Psalm 118?  Why did Jesus choose Passover Eve to introduce the Lord's Supper?
Location With a tour of Jerusalem in the time of Jesus!
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Reclining Meal


Don’t just learn about Jesus’ last Passover Meal—experience it for yourself! Now you can recreate Jesus’ Last Passover with your church or family group!  This famous meal is where he started the tradition we continue today as the Lord’s Supper or Communion.  Get to know more about this foundation stone of our faith by experiencing it yourself!  All you need to do is schedule the time, read through the instructions, and make the preparations that are listed there step by step. This authentic, several-course meal is based on Jewish traditions, many of which are still followed today.  Learn how Jesus built on these traditions and on the meal’s Biblical foundation to bring across a message as fresh today as it was when he first delivered it.  The meal can be as elaborate as you’d like, from a simple meal at home to a gala event open to the community, complete with costumed actors and a full music team.  This is an experience you won’t want to miss! Learn more about this exciting Christian version of the Passover Meal by taking a look at the Passover booklet, the preparation instructions, the introduction to the event, and suggested songs—all free on this website.

Also available in Chinese and Tagalog!

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